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Psychic mother quizzes son on his ability to ‘talk to the dead’


‘Me and my four-year-old can talk to the dead - we’re psychic’

A woman who can talk to the dead discovered her four-year-old son has the same talent.

Erica Russo, 36, discovered she has "psychic and intuitive abilities" in 2017 and says her son, Kyle connected to the spirit world at the age of just four.

Erica said: "A few years back I looked out the window of my home office, Kyle was outside talking to someone - I thought he was speaking to my husband at first, but he wasn't.

"Then I logged onto Zoom and did a reading with a client, and the spirit that came through was my client's deceased son.

"When I spoke to Kyle outside afterwards, he said he had been speaking to a boy who was here to see his mum.

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