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Speeding Driver Reverses Wrong Way At 60mph Before He Is Caught By Police Officer - On A Bike


Speeding driver reverses wrong way at 60mph before he is caught by police officer - on a bike

A police officer swapped his high-speed patrol car for a bike to arrest a speeding driver in South Yorkshire.

The Range Rover driver was seen reversing down 60mph roads, driving at speeds of 80mph in a 30mph area and driving the wrong way around a roundabout, before crashing and fleeing the scene in Dalton Lane, Rotherham.

Running after the suspect, a member of the public who had witnessed the incident offered the officer his bicycle, saying “go get em!”. The officer was quickly on the bike and cycling after the man.

The suspect climbed a fence and was eventually detained in a garden on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle following the incident on 10 April.

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