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'We don't use that word in England': Billy Crudup told off for swearing live on TV


Billy Crudup swears twice live on This Morning as Alison Hammond explains: ‘We don’t use that word in England’

Billy Crudup swore twice during a live interview on This Morning today (5 April), prompting Alison Hammond to step in and apologise.

The actor was a guest on the daytime programme to promote his one-man show Harry Clarke at the Ambassadors Theatre in London.

During the interview, Crudup spoke about his career choices and how he followed the cult movie Almost Famous by performing in a play of The Elephant Man.

The actor explained: “What did you do after Almost Famous? I said, "I did the Elephant Man on Broadway." And someone was like, ‘weren't your agents pissed?’ And yes they were really pissed but what is a better part than that?”

Hammond then said: ‘Billy we don’t say that word in England.”

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