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Moment three explorers rescued from icy Italian mountain


Rescuers battle treacherous snow and ice to save three explorers trapped on Italian mountain

Rescue teams battled treacherous conditions to reach three explorers trapped on an icy Italian mountain.

Footage shared by the Vigil del Fuoco shows firefighters using a helicopter to reach the three explorers, who had got into difficulty on Mount Mondole, in the Artesina area of Italy.

The rescuers managed to locate the explorers on the mountain, which is located 2,300 metres above sea-level, as they navigated the deep snow and ice.

Battling strong winds, the rescuers managed to winch the explorers to safety on board the helicopter.

It is not known when the incident took place, but the footage was shared by the Vigil del Fuoco on 16 March.

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