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Watch live: Official briefing on security measures for Super Bowl

Watch live as officials give a briefing on security measures for the Super Bowl this Sunday in Las Vegas.

Officials from both the NFL and Las Vegas law enforcement will speak at the press conference on Wednesday, 7 February.

Also in attendance is Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, US. Department of Homeland Security.

The security teams for the big game at Allegiant Stadium will have their hands full amid warnings about counterfeit goods, human trafficking and illegal drones at the Super Bowl and at nearby airports.

The Super Bowl is continuously the most-watched televised event in the US each year, making it a priority security-wise, and something the NFL and law enforcement spend years preparing for.

Security plans for this year’s game at reflect collaboration with dozens of agencies spanning local, county, state and federal governments. Including the Department of Homeland Security, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, Secret Service, and the FBI.

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