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Onestream broadband deals UK 2024

Looking for cheap broadband? Compare prices from top providers and get a great deal

Despite being one of the smaller broadband providers in the UK, Onestream still offers some of the best broadband deals, with its prices starting as low as £19 per month. With top speeds of 900Mbps, Onestream is a great option for those after an ultrafast connection, but there is still the option to go as low as 45Mbps if you’re hoping to save money. 

To get a better understanding of Onestream broadband, our expert team has broken down everything you need to know about the company, from broadband types to all the available deals. 

Onestream broadband deals available now

One of the biggest benefits of Onestream broadband is its massive variety in terms of speeds. It is one of the fastest broadband providers in the country, with its top speeds reaching 900Mbps. Here are some of the best Onestream broadband deals available right now. 

Deal nameAverage speedContract lengthDownloads PriceExtras (included in cost)Setup costs
Onestream Fibre 5545Mbps24 monthsUnlimited£19/mOne month free trial of McAfee Multi Access, two month free trial of Onestream Assured£0
Onestream Fibre 8067Mbps24 monthsUnlimited£20/mOne month free trial of McAfee Multi Access, two month free trial of Onestream Assured£10
Supreme Full Fibre 8062Mbps24 monthsUnlimited£20/mOne month free trial of McAfee Multi Access, two month free trial of Onestream Assured£10
Supreme Full Fibre 115100Mbps24 monthsUnlimited£27.45/mOne month free trial of McAfee Multi Access, two month free trial of Onestream Assured£10
Supreme Full Fibre 220200Mbps24 monthsUnlimited£30.95/mOne month free trial of McAfee Multi Access, two month free trial of Onestream Assured£10
Supreme Full Fibre 550500Mbps24 monthsUnlimited£33.95/mOne month free trial of McAfee Multi Access, two month free trial of Onestream Assured£10
Hyperstream Full Fibre 1000900Mbps24 months Unlimited£34.95One month free trial of McAfee Multi Access, two month free trial of Onestream Assured£10
Prices and speeds correct from 22 March 2024

What do you get with Onestream broadband?

Types of broadband 

Onestream offers a mixture of fibre and full fibre broadband to eligible customers. It does this by using a mixture of FTTC and FTTP, which uses, at least in part, fibre optic cables to deliver fast and reliable speeds. 

Fewer households are eligible for the company’s full fibre deals, as this is highly dependent on region. According to Onestream, only 23 per cent of the UK can get full fibre speeds, so you will need to check your postcode using the postcode checker at the top of this screen to ensure you are eligible. 

Broadband speeds

Onestream offers a healthy mixture of fibre and full fibre speeds, allowing each resident some flexibility when it comes to picking the right package. The highest speeds available from Onestream is 900Mbps, which is one of the fastest broadband packages available.

It’s important to remember that the speeds available to you will vary depending on where you live. Knowing your current broadband speed is crucial to knowing what speeds you need when switching deals, as you may find that your current provider isn’t delivering its advertised speeds. 


If you’re hoping to splash out on a broadband and TV package, then you may need to look elsewhere; Onestream does not offer any additional TV services – whether that be extra channels or a streaming service subscription – but it does offer broadband and phone deals.

While you cannot sign up for a traditional landline service from Onestream, you can opt for a Digital Voice service. You can see a breakdown of the various Digital Voice services below, and keep in mind that these services can be added to any existing broadband package. 

Phone packagePriceTerms
PhoneLine+ Pay As You Go£6.50/mNo inclusive calling allowance, pay per minute for calls
PhoneLine+ 250£7.50/m250-minute calling allowance for calls to UK landlines and mobiles
PhoneLine+ 750£10/m750-minute calling allowance for calls to UK landlines and mobiles
PhoneLine+ Unlimited£12.50/mUnlimited calls to mobiles and landlines, unlimited calls to UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand 
Prices and terms accurate as of 22 March 2024

Perks and benefits 

Some of Onestream’s deals are exclusive to new customers, however, one of the biggest perks of joining Onestream is its two free trials; with every broadband package, customers are privy to one free month of McAfee Multi Access and two months free of Onestream Assured. 

Onestream Assured provides customers with further care, reducing the waiting time to just one day whenever you encounter a technical issue. It also provides customers with cover against unexpected engineering fees when faults are found in their homes. McAfee Multi Access offers further protection from spam, malware and viruses on various smart equipment, including laptops and smartphones. 

Keep in mind that once the free trial period is over, you will be charged a fee if you do not cancel the service. Onestream Assured comes in at an additional £4.95 per month, with McAfee Multi Access costing £34.95 every year. 

Advantages of Onestream broadband

Knowing all the advantages of partnering with a new broadband provider is crucial. Here are some of the biggest benefits that come with Onestream broadband:

  • Reputable provider: Onestream is too small to be reviewed by Ofcom, however, we can look towards its Trustpilot score to understand how the company treats its customers. It currently rates 3.9 stars out of five, putting it in the “Great” category 
  • Range of speeds: Onestream has a plethora of speeds to pick from, ranging from 45Mbps to 900Mbps, giving you the option between superfast and ultrafast broadband 
  • Budget friendly: comparing the prices of different broadband providers is critical; Onestream has some of the most affordable prices when contrasted with some of the largest providers, such as BT Broadband and Virgin Media 
  • Security benefits and virus protection software: all of Onestream’s broadband deals come with one month free of McAfee Multi Access, which protects your PCs, laptops and smartphones from identity theft, spam and malware  
  • Deals for new customers: Onestream offers various deals to new customers, which is a massive incentive, especially if you are working on a budget

Disadvantages of Onestream broadband

You should also inform yourself of all the downsides that can come with a new broadband provider, as you may find that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Here are some of the pitfalls you should expect when working with Onestream broadband:

  • Rural coverage is poor: unlike some larger providers, Onestream has a relatively small scope of coverage. This makes it a lot less accessible for those living in rural communities 
  • Limited bundle options: while Onestream does provide some broadband and phone deals via a service called Digital Voice, it does not offer any TV bundles

What speeds can you get with Onestream broadband?

One of the biggest feathers in Onestream’s cap is its wide range of broadband speeds. As you can see from the table below, you have the choice between seven different speeds, ranging from superfast to ultrafast. 

Onestream broadband packageAverage download speed
Onestream Fibre 5545Mbps
Onestream Fibre 8067Mbps
Supreme Full Fibre 8062Mbps
Supreme Full Fibre 115100Mbps
Supreme Full Fibre 220200Mbps
Supreme Full Fibre 550500Mbps
Hyperstream Full Fibre 1000900Mbps

You should remember that Onestream’s fastest package is not available to all households in the UK. You may also find that your postcode is eligible for fibre deals and not full fibre, which is important to keep in mind if you’re looking for an ultrafast deal. 

Checking all the broadband providers in your area is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best prices, speeds and packages for your needs.


Switching broadband providers can feel like a daunting task, but following our simple step-by-step guide makes it a lot easier to understand. 

  • Ensure Onestream serves your postcode: use the postcode checker at the top of this page to check if you’re eligible for Onestream’s services
  • Sign up for your desired deal: once you know what packages you can receive from Onestream, pick the deal that works best for you. Onestream aims to give new customers a delivery date for their service within 72 hours of placing the order 
  • Contact your current provider: contact your current provider to cancel your package. Be aware that you may be liable for cancellation fees if you terminate your contract before its official end date
  • Activate your new wifi hub: Onestream claims it can take approximately 16 days for a new order to go live. If you require an engineer for your installation, you will be notified when signing up for your package. Once your order arrives, plug in your router and start browsing the web

Are Onestream broadband deals right for me?

Deducing what broadband package is right for you comes down to a couple of key factors; here are some aspects you must consider to better understand if Onestream broadband is right for you. 

  • What broadband speeds do you need? Onestream offers a variety of broadband speeds, ranging from 45Mbps to 900Mbps. Consider which speed is best for you and if you’re eligible for the company’s full fibre package.
  • How much can you afford? In the current broadband landscape, Onestream’s services are relatively cheap. If you want to save more money, consider opting for a slower speed. 
  • Are there any price increases? Onestream claims that it may make rate adjustments to its packages in accordance with the Customer Price Index (CPI). Keep an eye on your contract and for any notifications from the provider to ensure that you can afford your broadband bill each month. 
  • Do you want to bundle services? If you’re hoping to sign up for additional TV channels or a streaming subscription, then you may want to consider other broadband providers, such as NOW Broadband, Virgin Media and Sky Broadband
  • Are other providers more affordable? Compare all the broadband providers in your area to verify you’re opting for the most affordable deal with the best speeds and features for your household.

Onestream broadband deals FAQs

Onestream is rated favourably on Trustpilot, with an overall rating of 3.9 stars out of five from over 14,800 reviews. Many of the positive reviews mention effective customer service, exclusive new customer deals and affordable pricing. Some of the more negative testimonials note non-transparent pricing and issues with the provided router.

New customers to Onestream are privy to some exclusive broadband deals, as well as one month free of McAfee Multi Access and two months free of Onestream Assured.

While some of Onestream’s offerings can be considered no upfront cost broadband deals, its Full Fibre packages usually come with a £10 fee. Moreover, the company does issue cancellation fees if you terminate your contract before it officially ends, however, these charges seem to be on a case-by-case basis.

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