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Labour 'desperate' for an election now because 'economic plan is working', says Cameron


Labour ‘desperate’ for election now because ‘economic plan is working’, says Cameron

Lord David Cameron said it would be “absolutely right” for Rishi Sunak to call a general election in the second half of the year because it would give voters time to see “the plan is working”.

The foreign secretary told Sky News’s Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips programme today (12 May): “I think the prime minister is a good man doing a great job at a difficult time.

“And I think you’ve got a very clear choice opening up, and that’s what happens as you get to the end of a parliament. It stops being a referendum on the government every day and it starts being a choice between two teams.”

Lord Cameron added: “Labour is desperate for an election because the longer you look at it you can see the plan is working.”

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