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Japanese warships sunk at the Battle of Midway seen in new underwater footage


Japanese warships sunk at Battle of Midway seen in new underwater footage

Remains from one of the most important naval conflicts of the Second World War have been revealed by a new ocean-bed study of ships sunk in the Battle of Midway.

Historians say the battle between Japanese and US warships in the Pacific Ocean in 1942 was a turning point in the war which Nazi-allied Tokyo never recovered from.

Now, spectacular new video footage has revealed how some of the ships sunk in the conflict are still in remarkable condition more than 80 years later.

The images were captured during a five-day study by a team of experts from Japan and the US near Midway Island earlier this month.

Crystal clear footage shows the Imperial aircraft carrier Akagi for the first time with its weaponry still intact more than 16,000 feet under the sea.

A second Japanese aircraft carrier, Kaga, was also shown in the video.

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