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10-year-old boy drives stolen car down Michigan highway


Watch: 10-year-old boy swerves down highway driving stolen car

Dashcam footage captures a 10-year-old boy leading police on a highway chase in a stolen car.

A silver SUV - reported to be a 2017 Buick Encore - can be seen swerving across southbound lanes of I-75 with its hazard lights flashing on the afternoon of 27 May.

Police dispatchers in Saginaw County, Michigan, began tailing the juvenile after receiving a call from OnStar, the in-vehicle emergency service.

Several passing motorists also called 911 saying a child was spotted behind the wheel.

After a short chase, OnStar remotely disabled the Buick and it bumped into a guardrail, where it came to a stop.

State Police said the boy, 10, admitted to stealing the car because he wanted to drive to Detroit to be with his mother.

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