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Mother 'can barely move her hands' after years of gel nails


Watch: Mother ‘can barely move her hands’ after years of gel nails

A mother can barely use her hands and says her confidence has suffered after developing a suspected allergy to nail products.

Lisa Dewey, 36, had been getting her nails done regularly for years without issue.

But in February, a set of gel nails became inflamed and started peeling away from the nail bed.

At the time it was put down to a bacterial infection, and Lisa was given a steroid cream and antibiotics to fight it.

But after deciding to get a set of acrylic nails put on last month, the mum-of-two found she was hurting again.

Once more, her nails became “very aggravated” and she could barely move her hands due to the pain.

Despite years of nail treatments with no issues, she has now vowed to never again have gel or acrylic nails.

“Now my skin is like paper tearing away from my fingers and I can barely move my hands from the pain,” she said.

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