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Maryland governor says recovery efforts are 'round the clock' after Baltimore bridge collapse


Recovery efforts are ‘round the clock’ after Baltimore bridge collapse, Maryland governor says

Maryland Governor Wes Moore has said the Baltimore bridge emergency response is a “round the clock operation”

“Our work has only accelerated and we have a series of 24/7 operations currently underway,” he said.

“Unified Command are conducting planning and engineering assessments 24 hours a day. We have assets on the water, enforcing safety zones 24 hours a day. We have assessments on the Dali being conducted 24 hours a day.

“This is an around the clock operation. And we’re going to ramp up our 24/7 posture in the coming days.”

Governor Moore made the remarks at a press conference on Saturday, 30 March.

It comes after US president Joe Biden said on Friday he will go to Baltimore next week.

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