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Budget 'won't shift dial' on Tory poll woes, Tim Farron says as Jeremy Hunt's plans announced


Budget ‘won’t shift dial’ on Tory poll woes, Tim Farron says as Jeremy Hunt’s plans announced

Tim Farron was adamant Jeremy Hunt's spring Budget will not "shift the dial" on the Tories' poll woes.

Speaking outside parliament on Wednesday (6 March), the Former Liberal Democrat leader maintained that the public won't vote based on polls, rather "on the basis of how do they and their family feel", regarding NHS waiting times and food prices.

Mr Farron's comments came after it emerged support for the Conservative Party plunged to the lowest level since 1978 with a fifth of British voters backing Rishi Sunak’s party in a new poll.

Regarding the chancellor, Mr Farron said: "Nice man. Don't think it'll shift the dial."

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