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Ex-shoplifter who stole £3million of goods says it's 'too easy' for thieves to get away with it


Ex-shoplifter who stole £3 million of goods says it’s ‘too easy’ for thieves to get away with it

An ex-shoplifter who claims he stole £3 million worth of items says it’s too easy for thieves to get away with it and suggests shops display empty boxes to combat crime.

Cullan Mais, 32, says he used to steal £2,000 of items a day - up to £14,000 a week - shoplifting at the peak of his criminality and in total stole items with a retail value of £3 million. He says shoplifting was “harder to kick” than his drug habit.

He has since turned his life around but says shops make it too easy for shoplifters and advises them to put in place stricter measures to deter people.

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