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Six-year-old saves mother's life in 999 call during severe asthma attack: 'It's okay mummy'


Schoolgirl, 6, saves mother’s life with emergency call during severe asthma attack

A six-year-old girl has saved her mother’s life by dialling 999 when she suffered a severe asthma attack that could have been fatal.

Cali-Maii Ball, from Hornchurch in east London, woke up in the middle of the night to sounds of her mum, Lauren, desperately gasping for air.

She immediately picked up Lauren’s phone and raised the alarm by calling 999.

“I think my mum is having an asthma attack”, she told London Ambulance Service call handlers.

Cali-Maii promptly gave the 999 call handler her exact address and unlocked the door to let the crews in when they arrived.

“Cali saved my life. If it wasn’t for her calling 999 so quickly and the paramedics intervening so promptly, this would have been a really different story,” Lauren said, praising her daughter’s thinking.

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