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Paula Vennells seen in public for first time after Post Office secret recordings revealed


Former Post Office CEO Paula Vennells refuses to comment on whether she misled parliament

Paula Vennells has been seen in public for the first time after allegations that she may have been told about a “covert operations team” that could remotely access the Horizon system and adjust branches’ accounts two years before she appeared in parliament.

Channel 4 News obtained a 2013 recording in which the Post Office’s chief lawyer Susan Crichton confirmed twice that Ms Vennells was aware of the allegations, two years before prosecutions were halted against subpostmasters.

The former Post Office boss denied to parliament in correspondence that remote access was possible.

In footage published on Sunday (7 April) Ms Vennells did not reply to a question from a Channel 4 reporter on the allegations.

The Post Office was approached for comment.

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