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'Missing' OceanGate CEO reveals Titanic submersible built 'with camping parts'


‘Missing’ OceanGate CEO reveals Titanic submersible operated with ‘game controller’ and built ‘with camping parts’ in resurfaced video

The OceanGate CEO believed to be missing on board a Titanic exploration submersible described how the vessel was “built with camping” parts and operated with a “game controller” in a resurfaced video.

In November 2022, Stockton Rush told CBS the Titan craft was built with “off-the-shelf components.”

Pointing at parts of the vessel, Mr Rush said: “We can use these off-the-shelf components. I got these from Camping World.

“We run the whole thing with this game controller,” he added, picking up a gamepad.

Reporter David Pogue said pieces of the submersible seemed “improvised,” but Mr Rush told him the vessel would be “safe” even if parts didn’t work.

Mr Rush is believed to be among the five-person crew aboard the craft.

The underwater vehicle submerged on Sunday morning (18 June) and its support vessel lost contact with it about an hour and 45 minutes later, authorities said.

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