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CCTV appears to capture moment Clapham 'acid attack' unfolded


CCTV appears to capture moment Clapham chemical attack unfolded

CCTV footage appears to capture the south London chemical attack unfolding which left a woman and her two children injured.

Police say a “corrosive substance” was thrown during the attack on Lessar Avenue, Clapham, shortly before 7:30pm on Wednesday 31 January.

In the footage, a figure is seen running around a car before getting into the driver’s seat, while a woman and child in front of him hold their hands to their faces.

The individual then drives the vehicle towards the woman and knocks her down, before he gets out.

People from neighbouring houses appear to chase the man down the road.

Nine people were injured in the incident, and a manhunt is now under way to catch the suspect.

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